Has anyone also had the following issues on the android app:

1. App Randomly crashes

2. App cannot see speaker (even though the speaker thinks its connected to the network)

3. Trying to connect my phone to my speaker, which previously worked, the app tells me that it is reading content and to try again in a few seconds. It never stops reading content though and that message always comes up!

4. When a long list is on the screen (such as the list of internet radio stations), the list is not scrollable. Also the a-z on the right hand side of the screen does nothing.

5. The app has no way of configuring the internet radio preset buttons.

The app does seem very raw at the moment. The media player side of it seems very limited compared to other (free) media players found on the android market. The navigation through the app doesn't flow too well either.

I tried using another app from the android market (Skifta - dnla streaming app) and that connected to the speaker instantly and played music instantly.

Love the speaker.... struggling with the app!

I am using a galaxy S2 on android 4.0.3