I realize this may be hopeless but maybe someone from Philips is actually reading this & can forward this to their software development team.

Is there any chance of adding manual back-light controls to the 2009 9000 series specifically the 9664 series. You cannot control the back-light directly, only indirectly via the light sensor but what if you want to set it at a level your comfortable with all the time ?

The light sensor works during the day to compensate but at night even in a well lit room it dials down the back-light brightness, this is very frustrating as you then have to turn off the light sensor to restore the brightness level (which is a chore in itself buried in the menus). If you raise the brightness/contrast settings too much then it washes out the picture, whereas raising the back-light makes the picture simply brighter without any major side affects.

Is it too much to ask to please add some manual back-light control option to a firmware update for the 9664/9704 series.

Please, please, please Philips.