Yesterday the mp3 transfer from my PC (with WADM) to my MCI500H/12 stopped working. Since that moment, the transfer never works : it starts but blocks before the end of the file. After that no transfer can start, initial transfer cancel is not working either and WADM crashes a couple of minutes after...

I've tried several tests :
- from another PC : same result
- after reboot and firmware update of MCI500H
- after WADM update on PC
- with Wifi IP static and IP dynamic on MCI500H
- with Ethernet cable

Every test has the same result : impossible to copy new mp3 to the MCI500H. Sometimes, it works, but at the end of the transfert, the content is refreshing and the new mp3 disappears...

I've also tried through WAC Handler and the result is the same. With WAC Handler I have an error log in WACHandlerUploadedErrorLog :
UploadTrackFromFile: Be Mine : WAC responded "busy"
UploadTrackFromFile: Boys & Girls : WAC responded "busy"
UploadTrackFromFile: Goin' To The Party : WAC responded "busy"

Does anyone have an idea of the cause of the problem and a possible correction ?

My next test will consist in deleting all mp3 from the hard drive, format disk if possible and restore content afterwards...

Thanks for your help !