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    Updating the list of playable movies in HMP3000 Philips Media Player.


    I have noticed that when I have viewed video files on a USB stick through the HMP3000 Philips Media Player and then deleted those files through my laptop, the old file-names still appear under 'Movies' although they do not appear under 'Folder'. Is there any means by which I can make the player 'forget' that it had once played the now-deleted files? I thought that upon scanning the stick when it is reinserted, the player would recognize those files to be missing and thus would amend its list of movies; however, that does not seem to be the case.


    PS. It appears that all one needs to do is delete the two files that are created within the .theater folder on the USB stick when the stick is scanned by the player. This erases the 'memory' of the player and thus prevents the player from listing video files under 'Movies' that it had played earlier.
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