I connected my Samsung UE32D6500 to my soundbar HTS5120/12. Anynet worked like a charm for 5 months until today when it occurred the following problems:

In setup menu HDMI ARC is greyed out even after rescanning connections and it is not available with the source button on remote control;

Tv recognizes the soundbar but when trying to connect via the tv, tv says "Anynet device not connected";

Soundbar tries to connect to tv when this latter is turned on, but connection fails and soundbar returns to original audio source instead of displaying "Hdmi Arc" on soundbar screen; however, volume controls appear to work and it is possible to control the soundbar via the tv remote control and vice versa.

I have tried the following solutions:

Updating firmware on both devices;

Unplugging both devices for a long time;

Disabling and re-enabling Anynet on the Tv.

Before Anynet stopped working, I did not to anything, no power cuts, no configurations of any sort, just using the dvices normally.
Any ideas?