New player. Everything works fine. But hit a problem when trying Youtube. Connected to web via LAN. Network seems to work fine because when i go to youtube, the different categories or channels load fine, although control is a bit sluggish. Can browse (more like wade slowly) thru the different videos or playlists, but everytime i try to play an actual video, it fails - the control display appears (the one with the play, pause,bla bla icons) but then the screen goes blank - black. No loading icon, nothing. Just nothing in black. Its not crashed or anything. When i press the back button on the remote, it goes straight back to the previous screen that displays the video 'thumbnails'.

Does anyone knw anything abt this? it is so frustrating. i have not updated firmware (its just out of the box) - everything works fine as is, and will only update if someone tells me the update will fix this problem. I don't want to end up with even more problems after updating, without solving the original problem...