hi all,

i just got a 47pfl4606h.
One of the first things that i noticed was some sort of problem with the speed at which the images appeared on screen.
Tiny fluctuation in the speed at which things move, people talk.
(reminds me of old 1920 movies(not that bad of course))

(i've tried with various things recorded or live from my DVR) (HDMI)
i remember seeing these sort of things also in sport matches (tour/cycling)
When the live images can't be streamed in correctly & fast enough,
the images slow down a tiny bit for just a second, followed by a part that appears to move a bit to fast.

(sorry, don't know how else to explain.)
feels like your watching something while verrry drunk.

i'd like to know if this is something anyone else noticed and might know how to disable/remove it.

thank you.