My Settings (42PFL7656K02 SW14.95, Marantz SR6006, PS3, Logitech Harmony Remote)

I collect in the forum some most written wishes and put this together with my own ongoing issues in the hope, that PHILIPS do something more for the "old" models (my tv is 4 month old) and not only abuse the customers as a costless brainstorming mass for new models!

@PHILIPS: I cant understand what is so difficult to change some (easy) wishes in a new software revision if its not depending on hardware limits.

- Multipurpose sdcard usage (For example buffering for YouTube and other video files)
- Home menu: how often costumers use the help or the add device section? In my opinion these can go as sub-menu in the config-section and a direct field for “listen radio” or something like that can added in the home menu

- sat tuner no possibility to hide pay-tv channels
- channel switching very slow
- Changing channels, the TV does not show what's on and what´s next (on of the most written wishes in the forum), every cheap sat-receiver I know do this via EPG. @PHILIPS: you can use the ok-button for this information during watching tv to show it again (if it is implemented)
- 1 button to show the channel info. You could use the existing one but instead of short press Teletext and long press channel info it would be better to do vice versa or to use the blue button
- Better channel info behaviour: it is not acceptable that all the screen goes black
- channel sorting is horrible, the find menu I can see from 10 meter, but have only 16 channels, a for instance 2 column list would be fine (on my dreambox I can see 40 channels on 1 screen)
- Picture format changes 1: there is no option to have the original one (4:3), if you watching “deluxe music” from germany, the screen is changing very often
- Picture format changes 2: if I come back from hdmi the setting for format is changed to max zoom sometimes
- If I switch off external devices, the TV-set go back to watch TV and knows, that there are no channels are installed but doesn’t know that are 1300 channels on sat-tv installed, so I have to change it everytime manually. There is no remote signal to go direct to sat-tv.
- If I change the channel often the message “error during writing on usb” is shown (USB-Stick with 32GB connected)

- Listen Radio from sat, I can turn off the display, but it goes on, if I send an IR-signal to my av-receiver (no Philips IR-signal!)
- WWWRadio, cant turn off the display during listening
- second audio track support to change between Stereo & Surround (come on we are in 2012!!!), every sat-receiver can do this
- Unfortunately, the switch between Radio and TV-Mode is deep in the menu, it would better to have the radio mode in the home menu instead help or add devices
- If I play back mp4-Video with 6-channel audio, only two channels come out
- HDMI-ARC is activated, sometimes the info “no video signal” appears

USB / Scan PC / Net TV
- Save current video file state to play file from saved place when switching back from other mode
- Recording without Internet, use the EPG (on of the most written wishes in the forum)
- I have an usb-device connected with tv-recordings. If I go over the home menu to usb, it shows the device is empty, so I have to go the 10-or-more click session over the tv-guide to see the recordings (in the hope, the ip-epg-server works fine)
- In the tv-guide I can see that I have 1 recording and the message right beside says “no memory connected”

- Is anybody in the forum who use this feature? It doesn’t change the picture in a adjustable time like a picture frame, I cant play music in this mode, it only shows 1 picture (senseless & simply)

How can a such a good TV ( speaking about image quality) be damaged by such a poor software design and development?

In the hope that the most written wishes in this forum goes to an software version not only for the 2012 models or later but also in these models where the customers expect a well working TV. And PHILIPS - dont use the customer as a quaility manager, thats your part. If you dont change most wished things - you lose the customers confidence finally.

Some sentences I only copied from other users/topics because the problems are still ongoing with out changing in the newer software versions.