i am from Germany and i bought the Phillips studio - headphones SHP8900 around 50 €.
The problem is :

The cable is broken right at the TRS connector at the 2,5mm plug.
I need a replacement cable.
Since i dont have the seriel number anymore and no warranty, i want to buy a new cable for this model.

How much does it cost, and where do I get this ?

My opinion :

Wonderful Headphones! But the cable is horrible, and it should be way more stable.
I understand that its important for you to bind the costumer on the product, but why is it so hard to get a spare part?
No distributor has the replacement cable for sale.
And since a Headphone is a consumable part, cause you can imagine a headphone is in dynamic use, it should be easier to buy a new cable.
And please dont tell me the spare cable costs as much as the headphones themselves, when i bought them.
Cause i saw the price is now doubled, nearly.
If that is the fact, you loose one costumer, cause besides I love your technical perfection and the quality of the sound the headphones produce, i dont follow the predetermined breaking point / profit maximization philosophy.

Sorry for posting this in the official forum,
but someone has to try to stop the capitalistic strategies

My point :
I want to get these beasts to work again, you did some crazy work there

Please tell me where i find a local distributor where i can buy the replacement cable.

My best regards,