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    47PFL8404H NETTV Issue

    Latest Firmware for 47PFL8404H dates back to 2010-08-25.

    Aside from a heapload of issues in the used libs (and reported in the last 2 years), the firmware's NETTV function is borked. As soon as a DLNA Media Server is present, NETTV becomes unavailable.

    Reproducability: Always
    Firmware Version:

    When NETTV is activated, the TV set resolves some Philips server via DNS and starts a HTTP Connection. In case a DLNA Server is present, the TV communicates with the DLNA Server, but shows no NETTV activity at all on the network side, while the TV set itself displays a 'starting connection' message.

    NETTV: DHCP->[NETTV invocation]->DNS lookup->HTTP
    NETTV+DLNA: DHCP->[NETTV invocation]->SSDP->DLNA / (No DNS/HTTP Activity)

    The same behavior that occurs when a media server is present in the network at TV boot time is exhibited, when the TV operated a longer period in DVB reception. After watching TV for a while starting NETTV does nothing. No DNS lookups, no HTTP connection gets built up.

    The issue seems to be more general.

    Further Problems:

    Seeking is not possible at all. When a NETTV stream is paused, after resuming the stream, the TV stops playback frequently. There was no sign of a network congestion, funny enough, the data packages kept flowing in, while the playback stopped. Seems to be a player issue.
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