My 40pfl9715k/02 has a dark area on the left of the screen from top to bottom about 10cm.
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This are non moving picture displayed with the "picture mode" on the TV using an USB stick.
Its most notible on a uniform color, on a detailed picture its less noticeble but still there.
Also when watching football on the TV it is very annoying.

I called philips and they send in a repair man. He saw the problem, and took the TV to the repair centre.
A couple of days later the TV was brought back to my home, but they didnt fix the problem.

The repair summary stated;
The backlight wasn't uniform.Sadly all the 40 inch panels have this problem more or less. Swapping the LCD is no solution.

There was a phone number on the paper so i called the repair centre and spoke with the repair man.
He stated that there were lights on the sides of the panel that weren't optimal. They repaired some before, but they didn't repair that anymore.
He also stated that i souldn't be so picky and enjoy the sharpness of the TV, and when watching "normal" TV it wasn't noticeble. (which is).
He agreed with me that when watching a football match this was noticeble though.

After that i called philips again and explained the situation.
The said that they couldn't do anything.
I said; can I send in some pictures, so Philips themselves can help me?
That was ok, so i send in the pictures.
The friendly guy said that philips will contact me by phone within a couple of weeks.

They never contacted me, so i called to ask if my pictures were in my case file.
They were , and he also could see them and aknowledge my problem.

Again i was told they would contact me.
.....Again they didn't.

So I called again.
Again a friendly employee on the phone.
Explained the whole story again.
After 10 minutes waiting on the phone he stated that if the repair centre didn't repair the TV, they couldn't do anything.
He also couldn't see the pictures anymore.

So i asked; I wont be contacted by philips ?
Answer was no.

I have had some friends over to whatch some vacation photo's and they clearly could see what i ment, and were shocked that this was "normal".

Im very disapointed, we have always had philips tv's for more then 30 years.

Can someone at philips please help me?
Or is this "normal" for a top of the line full LED backlight TV?