just hoping someone can help me before deciding whether or not to purchase one of these. I currently have an iPod dock which has died so I'm looking to replace it. I have a DNS-320 NAS drive which has its own built in UPNP server and also allows for Twonky to be installed can anyone confirm that either one of these will be compatible with the NP3300.

And also slightly more specifically all the UPNP clients I've used decide to sort tracks based on their name, I don't normally but the track number in their 'title' tag as there is a separate 'track number' tag and this annoys me as I can't play albums with the tracks in the correct sequence. If someone can answer the first would they also be able to tell me what this does with regards to ordering - I don't really want to edit every mp3 I have to add the track number to the title.

Thank you!!