Hi everybody,

i ve bought a 46PFL8686H Tv, and i ve got many problems with software.
As i saw in french Bultin boards, many got this problem, but nobody registered here to complain.

here s the problem:

Often the TV switch off, then switch on, it toke like 10 seconds...and sometimes when i switch channel, there s no sound.
Or sometimes, i just can t switch channels, i need to turn off, then turn on TV.
Or sometimes image turn off, and u still heard sound, but u only see black screen, then screen get back.

It s really wierd, but many french customers got this problems, if someone at Philips speak french, i can give the link to that buletin board.

The other question, is about a VERY USEFULL thing, which was present on my old PLasma Philips TV, and everybody asked for it, it s the Program show when u switch channel. I mean, before with old Philips TV, when u was changing channel, u got the time, the program name, and the description of that program, and the time left...now u got to look for it, each time u switch channel, and it s not very user friendly!

Can someone to Philips activate that option, i mean EVERYBODY want it, it was here in past, so i really don t know why Philips turn it off?

Thanks for your answers.