We have purchased a 50pfl7956 and using it in a smart home. We also have a Yarvik 465 http://www.yarvik.com/nl/producten/t..._97/TAB465EUK/ it only has 1024x768 on a 9.7 Inch display. I was expecting to be able to switch channels on the Philips TV with the Tablet. I'm unable to do so, I also noticed that when viewing the EPG I'm missing the last channel. Take a look at the pictures , atthe bottom it say's nl1 nl2 nl3 rtl4 and rtl5. The EPG is only showing nl1 nl2 nl3 and rtl4. So expect some buttons and EPG is missing on the right side of the screen.

Also take a look at the second picture, the sentence "start your philips sm" is not a full line.

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Is it possible to adjust something? Make it work on a 1024x768 screen?