Hello from Athens, Greece.

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes.

I have a 32PFL2262D which was purchased in 2008. On 20 July 2012 most of the areas in Greece moved from Analog to Digital signal. My TV was not compatible (MPEG4) and we therefore bought a High Definition Digital Receiver (MAX T110-HD) and connected it with a scart cable at EXT1 connection of the TV.

The issue is that every 10 or so minutes we loose signal and the screen on the TV turns blue...I really cannot understand what I could be doing wrong. We called the guy who sold us the digital receiver he claimed that it was perhaps faulty and replaced it for us, however the problem persists. When the screen turns blue there is no sound it lasts for about three minutes and then reconnects and then again after a few minutes turns to a blue screen.

Any information that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated, not sure if I need to change the settings on my TV and if so what those are.

Thanks again