Hello everyone,

I recently noticed inexplicable behaviour: some .avi-files on a data dvd suddenly are not in sync. The same files play back well on two computers (notebook and desktop) and on another dvd player (LG).
The BDP played these back fine before. They are basic avi, xvid and mp3 - and there are several on the disc, some of them playing well and in synch, others don't, but as I said - only on the BDP5100/12.

Has anyone an idea or suggestion?
I tried downgrading to firmware 1.57, but that didn't solve the problem.
File specs, all are the same as this one:

Format                           : MPEG-4 Visual
Format profile                   : Advanced Simple@L5
Format settings, BVOP            : Yes
Format settings, QPel            : No
Format settings, GMC             : No warppoints
Format settings, Matrix          : Default (H.263)
Muxing mode                      : Packed bitstream
Codec ID                         : XVID
Codec ID/Hint                    : XviD
Duration                         : 24mn 3s
Bit rate                         : 1 470 Kbps
Width                            : 608 pixels
Height                           : 448 pixels
Display aspect ratio             : 4:3
Frame rate                       : 25.000 fps
Resolution                       : 8 bits
Colorimetry                      : 4:2:0
Scan type                        : Progressive
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)               : 0.216
Stream size                      : 253 MiB (91%)
Writing library                  : XviD 1.1.0 (UTC 2005-11-22)

ID                               : 1
Format                           : MPEG Audio
Format version                   : Version 1
Format profile                   : Layer 3
Mode                             : Joint stereo
Format_Settings_ModeExtension    : MS Stereo
Codec ID                         : 55
Codec ID/Hint                    : MP3
Duration                         : 24mn 3s
Bit rate mode                    : Constant
Bit rate                         : 128 Kbps
Channel(s)                       : 2 channels
Sampling rate                    : 48.0 KHz
Stream size                      : 22.0 MiB (8%)
Alignment                        : Aligned on interleaves
Interleave, duration             : 40 ms (1.00 video frame)
Interleave, preload duration     : 504 ms
Writing library                  : LAME3.97b
Encoding settings                : -m j -V 4 -q 2 -lowpass 17 -b 128
Additionally the disc freezes when I try to switch off the player, so I ran it through Nero DiscSpeed for testing: The quality of the disc shows up as 100% good.
I also noticed recently occasional freezing of such discs, but these (brand is Verbatim) freeze every time. As stated, all these are apparently recent symptoms.

Has anyone else noticed this?
I'd appreciate any help!