I have recently bought a BDP7700 and installed it. It works fine via my WLAN and 802.11n (max 130 Mbps) seems to be sufficient for receiving Net TV.

Now I want to extend the available scope of channels available to free thai TV channels over the Internet. But I lack functionality.

One problem could be insufficient network transmission speed from Thailand - I use an 100 Mbps fibre cable for the Internet and gets regularly around effectively 50 Mbps noticed by the Speedtest Net (http://speedtest.net), lower with Bangkok (DTAC as remote server). I get around 2,5-3 Mbps downstream and 0,3-0,5 Mbps upstream. It should be sufficient for Net TV from most thai sites (I can see some of the sendings on my computer).

It should be possible to receive even via the BDP7700 WLAN network interface and i can run Youtube and other apps via the Smart TV interface. I can run the Internet interface included with Smart TV and locate the free thai channels offerings on the following excellent web pages:


The sendings can be viewed in fullscreen like the Microsoft Media Player. However, I must start receiving by clicking a "play" icon on the page shown from thai TV vendors. This "play" icon is not visible via the Smart TV Internet interface nor clickable. I make this detailed description so nobody should need to be in doubt about what I intend to do.

So I wonder whether there is a way to solve this matter to have a fully working thai TV environment here with my BDP7700? Has someone done the same thing I try to do? Does this require the programming and setup of separate apps for every channel - there are small differences between the layout of interface between different vendors of free thai TV channels over the Internet.

Can someone bring me knowledges and details about how to enable a fully working environment for this task?

I hope for positive comments to get this mission successfully completed!

Kind regards,