Thank you
This saved me lots of trying with wifi connect and frustration
I dont rememebr which country, must have been UK since I had an account there.
Now I tried Bulgaria and I registered my TV, although unfortunatelly their support is in Bulgarian which I dont speak or understand, so I had some trouble registering but managed anyway. I cant usee their support if they cant speak English, still.
So I registered and got license key which I put in the media server+manager software.
Now the problem persists, I cant still cant share conent from my PC or net, to the TV. When I go to "My network" in my TV it says start media server and wait, and it searches for the media software but doesnt find anything, so I have to turn that off.

I ll give details again
My TV 42PFL4307H/12
its connected to the PC via hdmi and to my network via modem. They are both in the same network and the firewall has the software in the exeptions. I have Windows XP on my PC.
When I go to the Twonky server site it doesnt find my TV under devices and I cabt ping or share anything.
So I really dont know what else to try, and Bulgarian support cant help me since I dont speak their language (havent contacted them)

I am not sure if this is the right thread to post my problem, if not I am sorry and could you please tell me where to post this kind of problem.

Thank you again