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    Question MKV subtitles via DLNA


    I bought two 32PFL5007G/78 here in Brazl this week, and both of them can't play my MKV files with the embeded subtitles in the srt format; When I hit the "Options" button and navigate to the "Subtitles" menu, I always see 3 entries there saying "Message Error", despite of the amount of subtitles embeded (even with files with NO subtitles at all the TV is behaving this way).

    Is this any sort of know limitation or is a bug ? BTW, I'm running the latest SW version recognized by the TV's auto update feature. (The full version ID is e_IDTV0801_LINUX_002123_2_001_293_ALS_BR_5

    EDIT: I copied the sample file to an USB stick and via USB the subtitles menu is working properly. In fact, after enabling it via the USB area, they started to appear via DLNA. But I still can't change anything via DLNA, 'cos the menu is still messy.

    BTW, the subtitles are really, really tiny; I almost can't see them in the screen (they're almost the same size of the "Philips" logo in the front of the TV. Is there any place where one could adjust its size/position? I couldn't find this option anywhere in the setup menu)

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