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    MCi500 Can not be repaired becuase power module no longer stocked as a spare!!!

    I cannot start to explain how disapointed I am at Philips! My unit recently stopped powering on and I have been told by a philips recomended repair shop that it is the power module which is a part that philips apparently no longer have available as a spare! I phoned up Philips and they tell me that this is the case!! the unit is only 3 years old ! I can not believe that parts for a 3 year old unit are not availble!!

    So I am now left with a £500 piece of junk just becuase philips can't be bothered to stock parts and/or use defective parts in the first place.. I have been offered 30% off a new unit - Whoopy do!! so to buy the MCI730 or MCi8080
    I have to fork out another £500 even with the discount!!! great service philips what a complete joke!

    The only hope is to find a power module in a defective unit somewhere?? anyone got a clue how I might get my hands on one????? would be such a waste to scrap this perfectly good unit for one small part!
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