When using Net TV it seems like the TV changes it's resolution to give better display.
Normal behaviour I guess but the trouble starts when I want to go back to Watch TV.

When in Net TV and then choosing Watch TV by the home menu, the picture looks shady, less sharp.
It looks like the TV holds the resolution it got for Net TV.
Whatever changes I make it does not help! TV Off, TV on, no difference.

The only thing that helps is choosing FACTORY INSTALLATION in the TV installation menu.
And sometimes you need to do that twice!
This is a terrible solution because I have to setup my TV again!

Are there any other people who have the same with their TV?
Maybe a solution?

My TV: 40PFL7605, Net TV wireless by PTA01/00, Firmware: Q5551_0.75.60.1, Ziggo Cam Module.