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    Development of Smart TV

    I have Philips 40PFL9705H, with Smart TV.
    And I have some questions about functionally of Smart TV.
    First of all, stop posting messages like "please be aware that this Forum is for Europe Devices only.
    For any non Europe Device please get in contact with your local Support Center".

    Know what? I called to my local support center, and they said that they didn't develop anything and they didn't have any programmers. They said that only in central office there were programmers, who developed Smart TV.
    In addition, my local support center doesn't have a support forum.

    I have bought my TV in company Philips, keyword - company.
    I don't know how company Philips rules, but I know if I buy something in a serious company, I can have help in any city of the world.

    So please, give me certain and direct answer to my question.
    Without "Thanks for your opinion/comment. We will pay attention to your comment".

    Just give answer, will you release(make) these functions?
    If yes, tell me certainaly, when you will release(make) these functions.

    Sorry for my English, English is not my native language.

    1. IPTV
    My internet provider gives me an opportunity to watch iptv based on playlists.
    They give m3u playlists for Dune HD players, xml for Samsung tv's and link for iptv players on pc.
    Is exist application for Net Tv for watching iptv like "nStreamLmod" on Samsung?
    This function is in all Samsung-TV's.

    2. Mediaconnect for MAC OS
    I just bought a 32PFL4907. It says that my tv is compatible with a MAC and yet I can't find a link to download the software for MAC. Can someone provide me with the link?
    3. Subtitle/Audio
    I want to watch some video from USB-disk.
    But I can not choose right subtitle or audio stream, if this video has a lot of audio streams or subtitles.
    This function is in all Samsung-TV's.

    4. Online films
    Samsung gives to their TV-customers possibility to watch movies online.

    My message is not an advertising of company Samsung, I just want to show you, all these functions have been released in others' TV, even in budget models.
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