I have a SA3CNT.
Build GGC3.01.06.10 (Latest firmware)
I have set up Skype V2.8.0.920 and can make calls.

However, I am finding that the audio from the SA3CNT is corrupted.
If I place a call to the Echo sound test, then I can record a call, but when it plays back, the audio is running about twice the correct speed.
If I place a call to a live contact, then they hear the audio at the correct speed, but with regular drop outs in the audio.

If I enable the Technical details in the Skype call screen, then the statistics show that the CPU is about 55% loaded, and that the Transmitted UDP packet count runs at about half the Received UDP packet count.

It appears that the SA3CNT is only sending half the audio packets required for the sample rate, resulting in about 50% loss of the outbound audio.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I have no other applications installed and nothing else is running at the time.

The device is unmodified, only did an update to latest firmware, from within the SA3CNT, not via Songbird.

I have no problems with my network, as I have 2 laptops and an Android tablet, all able to make Skype calls with no issues.

The other audio applications appear to work fine, but probably use a different codec to record from the microphone.

The problem is no different if using the speaker or headphones.