Hi all,
today during I was watching a film inside the USB stick the Philips MCD388 crashed and stop to play the film running.
I turn off it and turn on it again, but he was not able to read anymore the USB stick.
The main problem is that probably the USB menu doesn't work or read the USB inserted because the led on my USB device is alway off (no power sent to the device from the MCD388)
I already tried to:
- verify the USB stick used ==> It's ok and works correctly on the PC
- changed the USB ==> the USB stick problem is still present on MCD388
- turn off the power to the device ==> the problem is still present
- TUNER option works correctly
- DVD works correctly
- SD card is able to read but I can't set any files inside it

I also noticed that I'm not able to enter anymore on System Menu device pressing the relative button on the remote control.

Any suggestion to recover the MCD388?
It could be a problem related to a firmware issue or it's related to an Hardware problem?

Many thanks for your help.