Hi All

I am almost about to but a MCi8080 and NP3700 as an replacement to my bust WAS and MCi500H setup and after reading the marketing waffle I decided to read the two user manuals to find out about the difference on the new setup and the my current.. I have a few concerns/ questions that maybe you could help me with..

  1. I can see the multihome feature which is like the 'broadcast' of old - Great however...
  2. Can't see a follow me from one unit to the other?
  3. No reference to 'pairing' the centre to the satellite?
  4. No reference on NP3700 to playing from the HDD of the centre? - This was really nice feature just going straight to one source rather than having to choose from multple UPNP PC and media drives... does the HDD from the MCi8080 not appear on the NP3700?

This seems to be a step back in the way the units work and if you can't simply access the MCi8080 HDD from both in the same way doesn't this make it less user friendly.... My wifes only just understood how to use the first system!!

Thanks for any 'filling in the blanks' where the user manual is failing..