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    Angry Design bugs in DS8800W!

    I like the unit. Really. Sound is fine, set up was ok. AirPlay and line in works nicely, BUT how the hell could Phillips design a product with IMO seriously stupid flaws?

    A) when using the remote to switch between airlplay and line in mode, there is no feedback whatsorever from the speaker. No blinking, no pepp, nothing. A big UI no-no. Also there is no way of telling which mode the speakers in.

    B) whenever the WIFI connection is lost, audio will stop. Even in line in mode!???

    C) when starting the unit it will try to connect to the WIFI first. Nothing can be done unless there's a connection. Meaning if your WIFI is down you cannot use the speaker at all. Not even in line in mode!!????

    D) you can start the unit manually without remote, adjust the volume but you cannot switch the mode to line in without the remote. WHY?

    Please correct me if I got it wrong. I would be happy to learn that I missed something...
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