Well like the topic says..i have recently bought a BDP3200, i have a strange problem..when the BDP is off, there is a nasty sound that comes form the place where you plug the power cord to the bdp.. its sounds like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fB8D...tailpage#t=18s

When you turn it on, it dissappears & the same happens when you unplug it form the power source.

During the day you can even notice it, but it is annoying during the night when u try to sleep and everithing is in silence.

When i noticed it, i went to the shop where i bougth it, and they, besides they laught at me, changed it for another one.. the problem is that the replacemnt also make this noise when is off...

It's Normal? could it be possible that 2 bdp make the sme noise?

The only way i can find to solve this is to unplug it every time i don't use it..but is annoying..

Any help?