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    HTL2160/12 soundbar not sync with 39PFL4208H/12 TV

    I bought a 39PFL4208H/12 TV and the HTL2160/12 soundbar, both PHILIPS. I also bought an optical cable to connect the two but to my dissapointment discovered the TV does not have an optical output. Bought a digital coaxal cable instead and after connecting the two I noticed the audio from the soundbar is 1 frame off to the TV (later). This is confirmed when playing the TV audio together with the audio of the soundbar: the delay is clearly audible. Pretty annoying as it is cleary noticable in close ups when people are talking. Is there a way of syncing (delaying) the video 1 frame so the video and audio are sync? Or any suggestions for other solutions?

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    hey there, i have a look of the back of ur TV and that of ur sound bar... (via manual)
    there is not a well defined 'digital coatial' there on your TV... i just see a 'digital out' am not sure about your connection...

    just to counter check... maybe you can try with the 'red/white connector of the CVBS' or the 3.5mm aux-in (TV headphone port) ....see if you still find that 1 second audio insync...

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