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    Adjust Menu annoyingly slow

    Warming up old posts here ( )... but is it really just me who is dumbstruck by how the adjust menu (the one that pops up when I press the "Adjust" button on my 37PFL7676K) is designed?

    That menu, which could be a quick and easy access to the most important options, is just so badly designed that it annoys me every time I have to use it. I can't be the only one feeling that way?

    Why put in slow and jittery animations between screens with 3(!!!) configuration options, when actually the whole screen is used anyway and at least all the 10 or so configuration options would fit on one screen easily?

    I also can't imagine that users like to look at the animations when switching between an unnecessary amount of config overview screens, rather than doing what they actually started to do, namely quickly change some configuration!

    Can anybody shed any light on what use the current design should have? Readability from a thousand meters away maybe?

    Sorry if I sound overly accusatory here; it's just that even though I think the hardware quality of my Philips TV is great, and I love it, it feels like its software is in parts really neglected (or badly designed), this post just gives one example of the small problems and annoying stuff encountered daily. Unfortunately it seems, there is no real chance of that improving. But maybe Philips can prove me wrong here!
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