Hi, afternoon all and yeah ran out of ideas on username

Anyway I own above model 1xbase and 2xhandset passed to me by someone who moved out to other country. All things in absolute mint condition and were hardly abused. But I'm struggling to get this thing to run.

router: virgin superhub, firewall : turned off

1) The other handset simply refuses to connect with base always coming up with "unregistered". Tried all methods found while googling but still nothing. Some of the menu options ie advanced, time & date, network etc are not accessible on this handset. What are the correct procedures to register and to reset the base+handset?

2) is there any web interface to access base unit similar to that of router? any hidden menu?

3) Tried to update firmware and skype version but each and every time it does download fine but stall in "installing software..." . I left overnight and in morning was still with that message

4) Reset settings from working handset comes up with "failed".

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.