here is the prob:
I have a MP4 SA2VBE04KA ViBE 4 GB since 2 years, so warranty is out.
It worked perfectly, but a couple of weeks ago my computer didn't detect my MP4. (I can load the battery, but I can't transfer music. On my computer I can't see it also)

I tried different USB ports, no success...
Repair process on Songbird didn't work, i had an error message. ("An error occured while restoring the device to its default settings. Please try again by following the instructions.") I tried it a couple of times, same error... I keep well the volume + pressed.

I have Philips Songbird 2.5.2, the micro-software is v2.21.

Have you any any idea on how to fix it?
(PS: on Google France, I see that a lot of users have this problem, nobody has found, or said, how to fix it; so maybe you can help us)