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    Hello guys, - Deutsch Übersetzung von Google in der zweiten Hälfte dieses Posting. / German translation from Google in the second half of this posting.

    I am writing here from Sweden as so far is the only forum talking about the 6 series from Philips.
    I will tell you my story with the Philips 47PFL6877T model that I bought from ElGiganten for about 1500 Euro.

    It is very important for you to know that I have now the 3rd tv of such model after changing the first two and still have problems.

    1st model.

    a. After buying the TV, the 2nd day I had the PC connected to it on VGA source and the image got doubled as you can see here: and here
    b. On the Blue Ray 3d Philips BDP6000, VGA, ANTENA, XBOX or any other source, I got judder or motion errors like I hope you can see on my YouTube videos here: or

    You can also watch my other Videos about the bad motion problems the Philips 47PFL6877 has. I will also try to post some today from the 3rd tv that I have.

    The problem with the Philips PFL6 series is that on Pixel Precise HD, maximizing the effect will actually create that bug. If you can not see it perfectly because the phone video recording probably has low fps, I will try to explain in words.The best you could see it at the Olympics when the play field was in blue and on fast motion scenes. The contour or outline of the moving object (or a static object on moving the camera from left to right) is shaking and loosing sharpness. A close capture of a player moving the arm up and down will result in part of his hand remaining behind the natural flow of the motion creating that shaking image bug. If you take off that Pixel Precise HD feature, the bug of the Philips 47PFL6877 reduces itself but on the other hand you have bad judder on the entire moving scene. Imagine that the camera is following a flying object, than the entire scene has fractions of a second stops that creates the judder motion problem.

    So either you chose not to have judder on the entire scene but only on parts and contours by selecting Pixel Precise HD ON either you take that off and the entire scene judder on moving scenes.

    ElGiganten told me to replace it because it could be something bad with that particular TV.

    Philips told me that could be because I did not upgrade to the last software or firmware available. I did that and the problem still persists. The software upgrading of the Philips 47PFL6877 did not solved the problem!

    2nd TV
    I did change it and happy returned home. I put my TV on the wall, directly update the software and guess what? Same bad motion picture plus noise! Lots of noise even if I totally reduce it from settings.

    ElGiganten told me to contact Philips Customer Care as it is a new TV and they do not know what could be wrong.
    Contacting the Philips Support I got a Service appointment for a team that should show up to my home, investigate the problem and fix it on the spot. They told me that the will get the possible bad parts replacement in about 5 days following that on the 2nd week to come, see and repair it.

    I mention that all the Videos and Pictures with the problem were send to Philips so that "the specialist in this model will understand the problem"
    It is now the 3rd week and I have no Service Team and no official answer from Philips. The only thing they have told me so far is that they will try to fix the problem. They were unable to tell me what is this about. I already lost like at least 24 hours investigating, taking pictures, videos and so on about the Philips 47pfl6877 bugs, judder problems on motion objects.

    3rd TV.
    Last Monday I decided to try one more time and change this one too.
    Guess what? Same thing! Plus when I got the screen on, first time pressing the OK on the remote did not work. So again I was stuck not even having the possibility of installing the TV and test it. Finally I looked it up on their troubleshooting page and discover that sometimes you have to Pair the remote and the TV by pressing the blue and red button on the remote or something like that. If I wouldn't be into web I would probably end up changing the TV again jjust because of that..

    Otherwise the same problems. I will post some more videos from the last Blue Ray I have rented, Cars2.

    The problem was also visible on 3D watching the movie Immortals.

    I am still waiting for Philips official answer and I will also post that on their forum today hoping that somebody from their Team of Specialists will be able to answer.

    On the other hand I have to be honest and emphasize the impressive color tones and great contrast. If they would manage to fix that, they TV could be a great one. Also nice remote with keyboard, mobile app, and ambilight..All of the good ones are useless if the main thing which is the picture motion quality is weak showing bad judder on motion scenes. More people are calling that ghosting or?

    Anyway, your comments would be really welcome.

    Best regards,

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