Mojoman it is obvious that they have a huge problem and I really doubt this is only a software issue. I have been polling the alarm signal for 2months allready, time in which they had 2 updates for the 47PFL6877 and nothing has changed with the motion issue. Also Philips has not deliver any "it might be because of" answer on our complains. I have also been told that the technical service team will come and check my tv. They never showed up. I have been told I will receive a free gift for my patience in their try of washing the dirt created. A toothbrush, a phone or a remote control. Lol. I feel ofended honestly...
Benedicktte sorry, I know you are just doing your job and probably there is nothing you could or can do but tell your manager we want an official answer and not ambiguous and ridiculous instructions about things not solving the issue. I will consider your question about the demo clip a joke.

Best regards.