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Hi Benedickte,

I have no understanding what so ever, for how you can just ignore my message for days.

I asked you a simple question and received no reply. I've been asking you approx. 10 times the past month whether we can expect an official answer about if you'll be able to solve the motion effects problem or not. Additionally I've asked approx. 10 times when we can expect an official answer to the previous question.

To be honest with you, Philips/you'reliterally pissing your loyal customers off by acting like this and I have no respect for Philips any more. In this case Philips has provided the worst customer service you ever could have dreamed off. You're acting like amateurs.

As I told you previously I'm running out of patience and getting more and more frustrated every time i turn my TV on and have to see the bad motion effects (juddering/ghosting). If I don't get an answer from you I will return my TV the 8th of October and tell my local store about the bad service and big motion effects problem on this model.
Maybe we should gather and inform/warn people in forum, comments in blogs, comments in panel reviews, ...
This way we inform potential customers, and that might be putting some more pressure on Philips.

I'm not yet as upset as you are, but still on the disappointment line that a renowned brand is not dealing with those matters professionnaly. I'm sure Philips has a different approach with its own suppliers (when Philips is the customer).

Maybe it's time to remind Philips policy (found in General Business Principle, commitment to customers) :

Philips is driven to improve people’s lives. Its goal is to constantly delight each customer with breakthroughs both large and small.To this end, the company seeks to maintain an ongoing dialogue with its customers. Philips is committed to listen to and learn from them, so that it is able to design and deliver the solutions they really want and need. Philips will always deal with its customers in a fair and forthright manner, maintaining the highest levels of integrity.