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I also bought the pfl476877t and is quite satisfied except for the socalled natural perfect motion, wich works very poorly, with fast movements. As an example of this, you can try setting the natural motion to max and then watch the scene from Avatar, when Jake takes his avatar running, theres a lot of blurring/unstabe picture effects around him.
Another example is in the 20th century fox logo, when the projector lights comes in front of the text ("century").
Really hopes this is just af software error wich can be fixed, if it isn't, well Philips you really have to say something!
I hadn't even noticed that on the 20th century fox logo until you pointed it out, the problem goes away once the motion system is disabled.

I know this motion systems can cause problems on all LEDs, I think most experts turn them off, I hope they can improve it.

Also the backlight system is only usable in standard mode, best picture and best power show visable dimming between scenes, hope they can tweak that too

There is a lot of this tv to like, just needs a some improvement in the above areas