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    Quote Originally Posted by Manuj View Post
    This is a joke, isn't it ? This thread is 11 pages long with several examples that you never objected as not showing any problem. You admitted this was escalated to development if I recall well.

    Vertical lines are one of the worst because they just disappear.
    Bee Movie in blueray is real bad as we can't follow bee antennae.

    Anyway, I will try to find a source that can be shared with you at philips.
    And possibly also post the result with my HD camera, just in case.
    I begin to know when this will happen.

    Also while playing, any source in the background, leaving the grayish setting window ON (the one to select the OFF/MIN/MAX setting for a given parameter), will most probably show you bad corners and bad sides of the window. In that case the source of the window is.... philips menu.

    Don't you have some reference videos to test&develop HDNM ?

    Hi Manuj.

    Could you please confirm to me what model you have?

    I can understand your frustration, and yes we do have videos, but these are mainly from same people. Some of you have been very good posting detailed, this is also the reson why i said most of you and not all.
    The info mrb1972 is very precise info that we can check on.
    If you have a specific scene from Bee movie, example can be; around 30 min in you can see that we can't follow bee's antennae.

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