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    Quote Originally Posted by petasis View Post

    What you complain about is a problem of motion compensation in general, and exists on all TVs. Have you checked the same scenes in another brand?
    I think it would be interesting fr you to do so.

    There is no solution for the problems you describe, other than to put HDNM at its minimum setting, or close it completely. It cannot be fixed, no matter what philips may try to do.
    I truly love when people are making allegations without bothering to verify them. For your viewing pleasure I will post a video of my 42PFL9603D - a four years old TV with the same scene that I posted to show the issues 6007 series have. Look closely at the bars on the right hand side of the picture. Then look at the other video. Both have HDNM on maximum.

    The picture on the 9603D is not perfect, It has some blur but this is not what we asked from Philips. We asked to fix the HDNM/PNM of the 6xx7 series in order to handle motion in the way my 4 years old TV was handling. Is this unreasonable?

    The other video is here:
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