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Do you believe some TVs are more affected than others ?
I can't believe I'm asking too much and just have to forget about sharpness on a full hd tv (my first by the way, I used to have a 720p projector). I have yet to test another brand myself.

If you can accepts artifacts in the bee movie clip, then that's enough I think. It's much worse than shutter island.
The whole scene with the pollen boys preparing to leave has fast movements. Comparing TV, PC and tablet makes the TV be very very bad. Still images look great, but I do watch moving actions !

Maybe Philips can tell more.
Hello Philips ?
I cant think why they would be different on different TV's , I do "accept" some artifacts but only because as a previous poster said these systems are not 100% perfect and never have been, - most professional reviewers turn off the motion system which leaves the motion resolution at about 300 lines on led - (That's why they all love plasma as the top ones do 1080 lines with no tricks)

I read somewhere that the min setting gives around 700 lines roughly which is pretty good, I image max does 1080 but the more aggressive you go the more artifacts you get.

The Bee movie clip for example I have to stare at the antenna's for that split second, they don't vanish completely just slightly flicker for a split second.

Anyway I will dig out the shutter island movie tonight and see what its like on mine