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This issue of HDNM on pfl6007 models was discussed here and in many other threads. It is not my first post here, and I think Philips has all the information they need and so much MORE.
All descriptions, all movies that were given here as examples (like bee movie), movies prepared by Manuj, ALL is here in this thread. (btw: Manuj, I did not turn my TV into PNM. If it's a good solution, Philips should do that!!)
I'm tired to repeat again and again on the same explanation.
Now, it's Philips turn!
Philips, response now! We are tired from this ignoring!! no more excuses! Find solution to all of us right now!! You had all time required, now it's your turn to speak!
Ok I am fully aware problems have been reported, what I meant was you may have watched a particular film or TV show which highlighted the problems, the more material we lets philips know about the better