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i just watched "FernCreekFalls-Close-720.mp4" from USB drive and water is blocky like in the video i posted, also tried to play it through PS3 (HDMI), result is still the same, BLOCKY! i'll go to the store tomorrow to try the same clip on ES8000.

1080p material would be better fot testing. can't find anything.
I just tested.
It looks like the branches are in the water, not in original. Again lack of sharpness.
However I don't like that reference video. I think the original, on PC for instance, is not perfect. I should have seen that before.
For instance you can see the moss is blinking (refreshed) every half seconds roughly. This means the camera, or encoder, did a bad job already.
So, I wouldn't take this as reference myself. I think we have to make sure reference is clean.

The bird video is best to test. The birds almost disappear in trees, and artifacts can be seen (not as in original).

I looked at a few other sources again... As usual, I like still images, they look clean (even SD is okay), but when motion occurs I can do nothing but see imperfections and un-natural moves.
This is HDUM to me.