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    I bought myself the 47pfl6007 a couple of months back and immediately noticed the hdnm judder/defect. It's exactly the sort of defect that many on here already have pointed out. At first I sort of stuck my head in the sand, not wanting to admit that I've bought a dud, but now I see others having the same issue with the set and I can't stay silent anylonger.

    I just can't believe that Philips have greenlighted this product with such an obvious defect. And it's not just something that occurs randomly or in specific films, it's all the time when HDNM is on, even at minimum. Didn't you test run this TV at all? I have a feeling that Philips DID know about this problem but kept schtum, and unfortunately I think it's a hardware problem and not software related, this meaning that Philips won't do anything about it because it will hit them too hard in their wallet. I hope I'm proved wrong.

    Furthermore, to the people saying it's only natural for a TV to show some judder in fast paced scenes; it's not only in fast paced scenes where judder occur, but can also be seen if a person's head is moving or his hands are moving.

    Also, my wife's brother bought a Philips pfl4047 (I think it was) and that TV didn't have the same defect as my set, so to say you have to accept that this thing happens, clearly not all sets have this defect so why should we who suffer from this crap put up with it?
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