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hi Philips - Benedickte

sorry for off topic, but it seems so I only got the answer.
five days ago I sent to Philips - Thomas PM and the message still not answered.

Is really hard to answer on PM or on topics in this forum??

even if it was not present on this forum, as a moderator he can set any "redirection" for pm, or something similar.
Hi Sejmon.

I am sorry to hear that your PM is not been answered yet, however we have had christmas holidays and during christmas there has been limited sources here from us moderators, this mean it can take us a little time to get through everything. This also includes PM's. I also want to remind you that we are working "office hours" and not 24/7 like robots
You are more than welcome to send me the PM you sent Thomas and i will have a look at this for you.

Best regards,