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I have finally spent some time testing hdnm on 150.82.
There are much less artifacts (as in bee movie introduction), also fast moving scenes are not "collapsing" as they uses to in previous firmware (and reason why I posted so many images and videos).

So now I can live with hdnm set to minimum.
Since all the youtube videos I posted are outdated, I just deleted them so that they don't misguide people.

Only future buyers (looking at TVs in shops), should make sure they compare brands with, at least, firmware 150.82.
Updated to 150.82 today to see if I could spot any improvements, when watching TV it seems I can get away with hdnm set to min 90% of the time. Also it works well for sports.

However I find movies show up the problems the most, for example Spider-Man 2 today was not good in the swinging around the city scenes

My conclusion is general tv and sport the min setting works well, but turn if off for movies