Philips, this is kind of an online petition to ask you not to stop making 21:9 tv's an not to stop innovation as stated here: #2

21:9 tv's are fabulous. Not only is this a more "natural" format for the human eyes but it also removes the need for the annoying back bars. I personnaly loved the format from the first 21:9 tv that was produced in 2009. This is also a great format for film lovers preserving the cinematic experience and presenting movies at their original format without the black bars. Many Blu ray disc present movies in their original format 2.39/1 and the 21:9 tv's are perfect for watching such content. Also these tv's are perfect for watching tv broadcasts.

It's a pitty that because of the fact that the largest part of the customers don't understand this format, the 21:9 tv's will not be produced anymore.

Here I see a challenge to make those customers understand. The first question I get from people that have never seen my 21:9 tv is: won't the image of a 16:9 broadcast be distorted and will I still be able to see the subtitles? And then when they see how it looks on my tv, they all fell in love with this aspect ratio.

So Philips please keep on making 21:9 tv's and please continue innovation!