I ripped one of my language-learning CD to a .wav file then converted to MP3 (at 48 kbps mono) which plays fine on my PC so then I copied the MP3 file (~ 1/2 hour) to a USB stick to play on the above, mostly OK.
There are typically a lot of long pauses of several seconds in the teaching dialogue, waiting for the learner's response. But within each long pause the DCB2020 seems to auto-apply muting then, when the speech reappears, the muting is disabled but this happens quite slowly with a one second-longish window as this unit seems to be programmed to do. This means the initial words of the dialogue are lost as every long pause comes to an end.
Am I doing something wrong here, and is there a solution ? I haven't tried different bit rates as I want to get a lot of files on the USB stick, so went for the lowest that sounds OK.