I have a 37PFL8605H/12 tv and since the new FW version I had 2 crashes when watching the same dvd.

This tv is 1 month old and before the FW i never had a crash.

What happens?

Suddenly the image stays fixed (a bit distorted too) and the led flashes 3 times, then the tv reboots. The first time I also noticed the ambilight turning red in the left upper corner after te reboot. The reboot doesn't help, the fixed frame of the dvd stays and the red led keeps flashing and eventually reboots again. I have to manually turn the tv off and on again, then everything is fine again.

I checked for excessive heat, but the tv is rather cold.

I already contacted Philips but they were going to send a service guy. As I can't take a day off at work anymore, I refused the serviceguy. The man at the service desk said they would take note of the problem.

Anyone has had the same problem?

Should I check the Service Menu for errors or should I not touch that? (It says I will lose my warranty if I am not an authorised repair guy (I am not)).