Hi All,

I was hoping to find email address of Philips international, since I couldn't find one I'm posting my application here.

I hope to find my solution here.

To Whom It May Concern,

I bought Philips Essence 42PES0001D LCD in July 2011.
Now, one year later it was taken to the lab for repair twice in last month and it still malfunctions.
Iíd expect Philips high-end TV will be worthwhile but I was disappointed to find out basic functions fails.

Recently all HDMI ports stopped working and the TV was fixed under warranty, after a week I got it back from the lab with repaired main card and HDMI chip Ė tests with PlayStation3 showed all ports worked and supported 1080p resolution.

About half an hour later when I finished wiring my set, it stopped working again!
My set includes 2 HDMI connections - PS3 & PC and 1 RCA connection - standard public transmission receiver.

Then I had to go through all the process again - calling the service, having it taken to the lab, waiting 3-4 days, all for telling me itís the same problem again Ėaccording to the technician HDMI chip was burned-up.

Currently, I refused receiving the TV back from the lab without a solution as the lab manager claimed itís a problem in my equipment and every fix from now on isnít cover by warranty.

That said, while my Philips TV was malfunctioning I used my secondary LCD, Samsung LA32R81, that was able to operate successfully with my PC+PS3+public transmission receiver (the very same set) using the same cables.

In addition, I contacted Philips online support about my problem a few days ago with no further help they referred me back to the local lab for support.

I was already hazard 4 times waiting for a technician-service visit, missed working hours and endless phone calls as a result of this issue.

Iíd expect a premium TV with HDMI ports to support HDMI connections fluently (as Samsung does).

Iíd appreciate Philips taking care solving this issue.
It seems that local support offices has nothing to offer regarding this limitation.