Hi Dears,

Unfortunately I could not update.
The following message appears:

Failed to check software update.
Enter the correct software.

In support of Philips Brazil, the clerk did not know what I was saying. Insisted that my device did not need the update, it was only for error correction.
After all that I have to show her that was about a firmware upgrade, she apologized to me and saw that the new firmware was available.
They had the ability to tell me that the software is tested before being made ​​available as podeia be if she did not know who had upgraded.

I also said I would have to play the folder inside the pendrive. I did!

Unfortunately, I think this update is fooling backpack, because I have a group of friends that have the same model and error messages...

My HTS Serial Number: KX1A1133171343, ie complies with the requirements.

I tried to upgrade by cable network since I buyed, but stiil receiving the message: No valid upgrade software.

The update by internet never worked and will never work, unfortunately!

I'm too sad to have problems with each update, (I had many problems with my Philips TV: 40PFL8605D/78 too), did not know that was suffered to be a Philips customer, and the support is so unprepared, I regret not having bought another mark.

If somebody knows how to force or workaround this new upgrade problem, please reply.

Thanks All,
Regards from Brazil...