my system is 7605 with latest firmware 140.023 and DLNA server Twonkymedia

since today i use Twonky server 5.1.6, i see with no problem all AVI and MKV files (exept for subtitle and fast-back forward but i think it is problem of dlna software)

i upgraded server from 5.1.6 to the latest 6.0.28

TV now say me always this error "unsupported file not able to execute"
i see correctly the directory tree but all files are an icon like this "X"
when i try to play the file (all) i see the error "unsupported file not able to execute"

i rollback my server to 5.1.6 and all return ok

i try 6.0.28 with other dlna/upnp client and i see all files

so the problem i think is in the firmware of tv