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Yes I'm watching tv with an hdmi connection and it's truth if the clicking begins I sometimes shut the tv down. In many cases this will help for a while, but it's not realy user friendly haha.
If I watch a film through the wires network on the tv or movie at the youtube app, I haven't heard a click yet.
Hope Philips finds someting about it quick.
I am pretty convinced that the cause is the hdmi connectivity, and that it has nothing to do with a physical thing of the hdmi socket (since they already changed the whole module and I think that I can't be that unlucky to have 2 faulty modules right - but again who knows). I know how frustrating it is indeed... The only thing that remains to be seen is if that noise comes when the device is plugged to a digital audio device. Ooouh I almost forgot, maybe Philips will come up with a permanent solution.